I was trying to make use of several interesting-shaped pieces of material by arranging them in various ways relative to each other. I realised they would take on an animate form if I added a lot more material to them. The idea of evolution is expressed by the fact that the form sits somewhere between a reptile and a bird, and by the apparently random direction changes in the neck which finally culminate in a beak.

Medium: Bronze
Edition: 2 of 12
Height: 127 cm excluding plinth
Width: 102.5 cm
Price:  cast to order: please enquire for current price
                                                 (September 2017 price £5100 + delivery)

Fixing: Fixing: it has one integral 20mm bolt which can be fastened to a paving slab or similar, which could be supported just below the surface of a lake, to create the effect of the piece floating on the water. Alternatively, it can be bolted to a plinth using the same bolt. The plinth would need to be about 60 to 80 cm high.